Education Reform

A necessary step to save America from impending suicide

The key to maintaining our liberty and First Principles is an educated citizenry. Our system of self-government and the means by which our liberty is preserved should be of the utmost importance in education. Because our educational system is failing to meet the needs of too many students in civics and history, comprehensive and wide-ranging reform is needed. Civic and history education reform, with special emphasis on our First Principles, is the linchpin to preserving our freedoms. 

We should adopt the following civic and history education reforms:

  • K-12 Reform. All states should adopt an American Freedom Curriculum.
  • Higher Education. All college and university students should be required to attend at least one semester of American political science or civics. These courses should probe deeply into the American experience and principles, and students should become well-versed in the primary documents of the American Revolution, the forming of the Constitution, and the civil rights movements. These courses should ensure that our most educated citizens are effectively prepared to meaningfully participate in our system of government.
  • Teacher Preparation and Development. Our state boards and departments of education, as well as colleges and universities, need to revamp teacher preparation programs to improve the quality, rigor, and understanding of the First Principles, American history, and civics. Moreover, with millions of teachers already in the workforce, teachers must be given strong and various opportunities to engage in professional development centered on these critical areas. Improved teacher preparation and development will be indispensable to improving the quality of instruction and student learning.

This civic and history education reform program focusing on our First Principles and Constitution would best fan the flame of freedom for generations to come.

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Congressman Joe Knollenberg

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