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The public is generally ignorant of America’s First Principles and history

The American experiment now teeters on the brink of collapse. We have all but forgotten the exceptional nature of America. We are nourishing our freedoms on the fruits sown and nourished by our forefathers. Despite the importance of the First Principles, our political elite, media, public, and educators have all but forgotten or rejected them.

Similarly, most people are ignorant of our First Principles. Studies reveal that the general public struggles to understand basic concepts of the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, Congress, the judiciary, checks and balances, enumerated powers, and separation of powers – and how they all interact to protect our freedom. 

Most Americans instinctively believe in a republican form of government, but not many understand the philosophical and historical origins that compelled the Founding Fathers to fight for and adopt such a system.

Not only are citizens ignorant, they are unaware and unconcerned about their ignorance. Most Americans spend more time engaged with game shows, reality television, technology, hobbies, sports, and entertainment gossip than on our political system. Critical thinking about our political issues and public affairs is rare. Although significant numbers of well-intentioned citizens are engaged in some manner in public policy, that participation is often ill-informed and shallow.

Many are disillusioned – perhaps rightly so – about the role of public service and the political process. Like our politicians, much of the American public is blissfully unaware of the importance of our First Principles.

The great bulk of Americans are unprepared to be responsible and active citizens.  The general public’s ignorance about our First Principles and history threatens the very survival of America – and these are self-inflicted wounds, the very definition of suicide.

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"America's Survival Guide is a bold and insightful work that should be taken seriously by those concerned with the future of America. We ignore it at our peril."
Congressman Joe Knollenberg

“Michael Warren is the Paul Revere of the 21st century, warning of an invasion of the American spirit that threatens to eviscerate the country’s founding principles and rot the nation from within. He documents the historical illiteracy that is truly dumbing down the future of America, its children. It’s time for America to answer this intellectual and spiritual call-to-arms.” – RICHARD BURR, THE DETROIT NEWS, ASSOCIATE EDITOR, EDITORIAL PAGE




"America's Survival Guide describes with detail and passion the dangers that come from abandoning the "First Principles" upon which this nation was founded. But this important book offers more than a diagnosis and despair, it presents a reasoned program for restoring the U.S. Constitution its proper place at the center of American society and government. The book draws on history, politics and education to make a powerful case for freedom and fighting for it."

--John Engler, former Governor of Michigan

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