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America’s crisis in American history and civics

America’s higher education system is facing a crisis in American history and civics. 

According to academic studies, nearly 80% of the seniors at fifty-five top colleges and universities, including Harvard and Princeton, received a D or F on a high school level American history test. Anne Neal and Jerry Martin, Losing America’s Memory, Historical Illiteracy in the 21st Century, American Council of Trustees and Alumni (Washington, D.C.: 2000). See also Anne Neal and Jerry Martin, Restoring America’s Legacy, American Council of Trustees and Alumni (Washington, D.C.: 2002).

In fact, this crisis in higher education involving American history and civics is widespread.  Our colleges and universities generally “fail to increase knowledge about America’s history and institutions.” The Coming Crisis in Citizenship, Higher Education’s Failure To Teach America’s History and Institutions, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, American Civic Literacy Program (Washington, D.C.: 2006).  According to this recent study, attending prestigious elite institutions is no guarantee that students will receive an adequate education in history and civics.  To the contrary, seniors at some Ivy League colleges actually know less than they did as freshmen.  In other words, such institutions have a negative effect on historical knowledge.

Moreover, studies reveal that today’s college graduates are no better prepared than high school graduates were fifty years ago.

Furthermore, many academics exacerbate the crisis in higher education by purposefully ignoring or denigrating American history and First Principles as obsolete, irrelevant, or oppressive. 

Because most of our political, civic, cultural, business, and social leaders obtain a higher education, this crisis in higher education regarding American history and civics threatens our ability to preserve and defend the Constitution and our liberties.

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