Dr Joseph Warren

Fiery orator who helped spark the American Revolution and martyr of Bunker Hill

Founding Father Dr Joseph Warren was a fiery orator who helped spark the American Revolution and was killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill – becoming one of America’s most prominent martyrs. 

Born in Roxbury, Massachusetts on June 11, 1741, Warren was a Harvard-educated physician turned revolutionary leader.  Along with fellow Founding Fathers Samuel Adams, John Adams, James Otis,  and John Hancock, he was a leader of Boston’s resistance to Great Britain’s increasing oppressive actions against the colonies. 

His inspirational rhetoric placed him among the leading orators of the time.  His famous Orations Commemorating the Boston Massacre (1772 and 1775) explained the First Principles for which the colonists fought and challenged British actions against the colonists.  He also vividly expressed the prevailing sentiment of the Founding Fathers when he wrote The Suffolk Resolves (1774), which were promptly adopted the Continental Congress as their own.

On the eve of the Battle of Lexington, Warren dispatched Paul Revere and William Dawes to warn that the British were coming. He served as the President of the Massachusetts Provincial Congress (the revolutionary government established by the colonials after the colonial legislature was dissolved by the British).  Warren was martyred on June 17, 1775 as a volunteer soldier at the Battle of Bunker Hill – after declining command of the troops following his recent commission as a major general. One British commander at Bunker Hill took some solace in his death, calling Warren “the greatest incendiary in all America.”

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