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America’s crisis in American history and civics

America’s K-12 education system is facing a crisis in American history and civics. 

According to the Nation’s Report Card, Civics 2006, only slightly more than a quarter of high school seniors are considered proficient in civics.  Stated another way, nearly 75% of high school seniors are incompetent to be citizens. As but one poignant example, only 5% of high school seniors can adequately explain checks on the President’s power. Over 70% of eighth graders are unable to explain the historical purpose of the Declaration of Independence, and more than half of high school seniors fail to satisfactorily describe the meaning of federalism.

In a parallel fashion, according to the Nation’s Report Card, U.S. History 2006, only 13% of high school seniors are considered proficient in American history, and more than half are below the “basic” level. Over 85% of high school students are unable to explain a reason for America’s involvement in the Korean War, and 99% of eighth grade students are incapable of explaining how the fall of the Berlin Wall affected American foreign policy.

Diane Ravitch, one of the members of the governing board of the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP), previously acknowledged that the test results of high school students in American history are “abysmal.”

Over the last generation the amount of time high schools dedicate to civics and social studies has plummeted. Meanwhile, a renewed emphasis by federal and state governments on reading, math, and science has further pushed history and civics to the sidelines.

Simply put, our K-12 educational system is facing a crisis in educating our future citizens in American history and civics.

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