Legal Reform

Law school and bar reform are necessary steps to save America from impending suicide

Chief Justice Earl Warren long ago reminded us that “A dedicated bench and a militant bar are the natural leaders” to preserving our liberties.  Lawyers have a special trust and duty to maintain our freedoms, and care must be taken to ensure that they are capable of fulfilling that task.

What was once prized and thought to enliven our spirit is now ignored or derided in the very institutions that should most celebrate them. Most law professors pay no attention to American history in their courses, and many scorn the Founding Fathers. Likewise, the First Principles are generally ignored or, when noticed, distorted or denigrated.

Like K-12 and higher education in general, law schools must refocus their curriculum to include the First Principles and their generating history.  Law schools, therefore, should mandate at least one year of constitutional law (many do). More importantly, law schools should require the extensive study of the First Principles as well as the history surrounding the American Revolution, the adoption of the Constitution, and the civil rights movements. The American Bar Association should include such a requirement in its law school accreditation criteria.

In addition, state bar exams and the Multi-State Bar Exam should include testing on the First Principles. No lawyer should be licensed to practice law without understanding that our nation was founded on the rule of law, the recognition and protection of the unalienable rights of individuals, equality, the Social Compact, and limited government (i.e., the protection of unalienable rights as the legitimate purpose and limit of government).

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"America's Survival Guide is a bold and insightful work that should be taken seriously by those concerned with the future of America. We ignore it at our peril."
Congressman Joe Knollenberg

“Michael Warren is the Paul Revere of the 21st century, warning of an invasion of the American spirit that threatens to eviscerate the country’s founding principles and rot the nation from within. He documents the historical illiteracy that is truly dumbing down the future of America, its children. It’s time for America to answer this intellectual and spiritual call-to-arms.” – RICHARD BURR, THE DETROIT NEWS, ASSOCIATE EDITOR, EDITORIAL PAGE

“Judge Warren eloquently describes the amnesia affecting our democratic republic. The historical section provides a rich teaching resource for American history and civics. A must read for teachers and students alike.” – Amy Bloom, Oakland Schools History/Social Studies Consultant



"America's Survival Guide describes with detail and passion the dangers that come from abandoning the "First Principles" upon which this nation was founded. But this important book offers more than a diagnosis and despair, it presents a reasoned program for restoring the U.S. Constitution its proper place at the center of American society and government. The book draws on history, politics and education to make a powerful case for freedom and fighting for it."

--John Engler, former Governor of Michigan

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