Nonprofit Reform

Expanding informative nonprofit activity is a necessary step to save America from impending suicide

That Washington, D.C., and to a lesser extent the state capitals, are awash with lobbyists and special interests is so obvious that hardly anyone bothers to notice. Almost every conceivable special interest group is well-organized and attempts to influence policy making and legislation through intensive lobbying and campaigning. Other than a few notable think tanks and similar organizations, the lobbyists run roughshod over constitutional principles and the greater good while seeking to obtain their goals and objectives.

One method to counteract these countless pressure points is by supporting and expanding nonprofit organizations that strive to advance learning of, and policy making informed by, American history and First Principles. Such nonprofits could aid in educational efforts for students, voters, media, policy makers, and others. These nonprofits could reinject the importance of our history and First Principles in policy making when no other voices would do so.

The few nonprofits which currently strive to do so should be vigorously supported and expanded; and new nonprofits with varying concentrations of interests should be created and encouraged.

Individual nonprofits could focus on the rule of law, unalienable rights, the Social Compact, limited government, or equality. Others could focus on various historical eras, critical personalities, different branches of government, the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights. Creating (or reorienting) museums and historical attractions to focus on the First Principles and the philosophy underpinning our historical development would also contribute mightily to the effort.

A robust and vigorous nonprofit sector could effectively move the terms of the political dialogue to include the historical and principled perspective in policy making and governance.

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Congressman Joe Knollenberg

“Michael Warren is the Paul Revere of the 21st century, warning of an invasion of the American spirit that threatens to eviscerate the country’s founding principles and rot the nation from within. He documents the historical illiteracy that is truly dumbing down the future of America, its children. It’s time for America to answer this intellectual and spiritual call-to-arms.” – RICHARD BURR, THE DETROIT NEWS, ASSOCIATE EDITOR, EDITORIAL PAGE



"America's Survival Guide describes with detail and passion the dangers that come from abandoning the "First Principles" upon which this nation was founded. But this important book offers more than a diagnosis and despair, it presents a reasoned program for restoring the U.S. Constitution its proper place at the center of American society and government. The book draws on history, politics and education to make a powerful case for freedom and fighting for it."

--John Engler, former Governor of Michigan

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