Political Reform

By engaging the political discourse and influencing policy making, political reform is a necessary step to save America from impending suicide

We must make the First Principles relevant in our political discourse. For far too long our politicians, activists, media, academics, think tanks, educators, voters, and general public have ignored if not denigrated them. Contrary to the prevailing view, the First Principles remain exceptionally enlightening to the discussions of the day – only if someone were to use the illumination they provide.

New and current proposals regarding government programs and policies could be examined in light of the rule of law, equality, limited government, the Social Compact, and unalienable rights. The First Principles are the basis of our government, and current issues should also be evaluated in light of the First Principles and that form of government.

Such an approach sets the general terms of the debate within proper parameters of decision making. Because current political discussion ignores such issues, today’s free-wheeling, sound-bite ridden discussion masks fundamental issues and questions. The current debate inevitably denigrates our First Principles and erodes American traditions. Only by asking the right questions and appropriately framing the issues can we hope to improve our political dialogue and public policy.

Not only should our political dialogue include our First Principles, reviewing current affairs in light of our history offers significant perspective and insight. By failing to demand of ourselves this critical review of public policy, our nation deprives itself of the most penetrating analysis possible, and all but ensures that our republic will fatally drift away from its First Principles.

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More Praise for America's Survival Guide

"America's Survival Guide is a bold and insightful work that should be taken seriously by those concerned with the future of America. We ignore it at our peril."
Congressman Joe Knollenberg

“Michael Warren is the Paul Revere of the 21st century, warning of an invasion of the American spirit that threatens to eviscerate the country’s founding principles and rot the nation from within. He documents the historical illiteracy that is truly dumbing down the future of America, its children. It’s time for America to answer this intellectual and spiritual call-to-arms.” – RICHARD BURR, THE DETROIT NEWS, ASSOCIATE EDITOR, EDITORIAL PAGE

“Judge Warren has written a deeply informative history of the philosophical origins of American freedom.  America’s Survival Guide is a challenge to present day Americans to love freedom, as did our forebears, or face the loss of it.  If you want to know why it is just as vital to fight complacency about freedom . . . as it is to fight the forces that attacked us on 9/11, read this book.”  Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, Fox News Channel, Senior Judicial Analyst



"America's Survival Guide describes with detail and passion the dangers that come from abandoning the "First Principles" upon which this nation was founded. But this important book offers more than a diagnosis and despair, it presents a reasoned program for restoring the U.S. Constitution its proper place at the center of American society and government. The book draws on history, politics and education to make a powerful case for freedom and fighting for it."

--John Engler, former Governor of Michigan

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