Susan B. Anthony

Key leader of woman’s suffrage and women’s equality

Susan B. Anthony was a leading spokesperson, polemist, and organizer for women’s suffrage and equality, and relied heavily on America’s First Principles.

Born in Adams, Massachusetts on February 15, 1820, Susan Brownell Anthony began her public life as an abolitionist and in the temperance movement.  In the early 1850s she began to focus her energy on women’s suffrage and women’s equality.

She soon joined forces with Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and they eventually formed the National Women’s Suffrage Association in 1869.  They were peculiar partners. Stanton was full-time mother and housekeeper. She was also married to a politician who little understood her egalitarian beliefs. Anthony, single and childless, was an effective and tireless organizer for the movement, while Stanton was a powerful writer and orator.

Anthony was famously tried and convicted of illegally voting in the presidential election of 1872.  Her eloquent closing argument, grounded on the language of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, was for not.  The judge fined her $100, which she refused to pay, and which was never collected.

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